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Karoline -Training 1 on 1: Private Studio + Outdoors


2018 Champion Trainer Award - Fitness Model

2018 Champion Trainer Award - Sports Model

My name is Karoline and I have been a Personal Trainer since 2003, over 17 years ago.

I also began competing in “Natural Figure” in 2002, with 12 Titles under my wing, including 2 Asia-Pacific Titles and being awarded the World Pro Card in 2008.


Division Wins;

  • 6 x Figure / Fit Body

  • 2 x Figure International / U.S.A Figure

  • 2 x Fitness Model

  • 2 x Sports Model


My target clients are any women who are willing and able to change, improve, or fine-tune themselves.

I have a home studio in East Keilor, 13 kms north-west of Melbourne, training mums (welcome to bring in children), athletes, competitors, with minimal or vast amounts of your own training experience.

I am also a Mobile Trainer (within 15kms from postcode 3033), enabling you to train in your own home with minimal equipment (prices and structure individual to the clients needs and goals).

I am certified in the area of Contest Preparation, having been involved with Competitions since 2002, with much success and recognition.


  • Pre-Competition Training and Nutrition Guidelines

  • Seasonal Training and Nutrition

  • Post-Comp Training and Post-Nutritional Plan

  • Supplement requirements

  • Posing Techniques

  • Costume requirements

  • Individual Routine analysis

  • Competition Tanning requirements

  • Appearance and Grooming


With all of the above, it’s more than just the basic principles!!!  It’s all about knowing how to tweak the look as well as the nutrition.

Even the colour you choose for your costume will impact the way you look!

Your tanning application, hair style, and make-up all play a major role in the way you are perceived, and therefore also judged!

Everyone has their weaker points, and I am able to ensure you accentuate your assets.

Stage presence is everything!




6 x Figure / Fit Body; Years 2018, 2011, 2008, 2007, 2007, 2002

2 x Figure International / U.S.A Figure; Years 2008, 2008

2 x Fitness Model; Years 2018, 2017

2 x Sports Model; Years 2018, 2017


2018    ICN Internationals, Fitness Model 40+ 

2018    ICN Internationals, Sports Model 40+

2018   ANB City Titles, Figure Grand Masters 45+

2017    INBA Internationals, Fitness Model 40+ 

2017    INBA Internationals, Sports Model 40+

2011    ANB National Championships, Figure Open Tall

2008    WNBF Asia-Pacific Championships, U.S.A Figure Open Tall

2008    WNBF Asia-Pacific Championships, AWARDED WORLD PRO CARD U.S.A. FIGURE

2008    WNBF National Championships, Ms.Fit Body Open Tall

2008    WNBF National Championships, U.S.A Figure Open Tall

2007    WNBF Asia-Pacific Championships, Figure Open Tall

2007    WNBF State Championships, Figure Open

2002    INBA National Championships, Figure Novice (First Comp ever)

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There are various training sessions offered, individualized training programs for those training at other gyms, and nutritional plans to achieve what you desire.


I am able to help you achieve your goals and be the best version of yourself that you deserve!


Training sessions include machine weights, free weights, swiss ball, medicine ball, weighted and slam balls, and boxing for those who like the extra variation of further cardio.

30 minute Training Sessions

30 Minute Training Sessions – designed for those who are new to, or returning to training after a lengthy break (3+ months), for those who are time restricted, and also suitable for those who are advanced with their training and train 4-5 times a week and can execute their workouts at optimal performance at each session.

$60 per sessions OR Buy 10 sessions for $600 and get the 11th session free (save $60)

45 Minute Training Sessions

45 Minute Training Sessions – designed for those with a specific goal which requires optimal time within a 45 minute session.

$70 per session OR Buy 11 sessions for $700 and get the 11th session free (save $70)

Partner Training

Partner Training – come in with a buddy and train together for 45 minutes for $55 each rather than $70.
This is a great way to encourage each other, have some fun, and have extra company.

Competition Training

Competition Training – train with me to work toward your goal of competing.  Ideally you need to train 4 times a week (whether that is done all with myself, or combined with your own training after also purchasing a required Competition Training plan to follow).  This type of training is very specific to the division or category you wish to enter at your upcoming competition. There are personal pre-requisites and recommended suggestions when it comes to Competing, so if you believe this is an area that you may be interested in, please contact me to discuss further.

Training Plans

Training Plans – receive a 12 week tailored Training Plan for you to incorporate anywhere you like. $300

Nutritional Plans

Nutritional Plans – receive a 12 week tailored Food Plan which incorporates 4 stages / phases that are provided strategically as we monitor your progress week by week.   $300

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